As a master Feng Shui consultant, I’m excited to support your in implementing and following through with your cures and remedies to help you create both living and working environments and lifestyles infused with Good Fortune.

You can find details about on-site or long-distance Feng Shui consultations as well as home-study courses and virtual retreats at my website. And while you’re there, don’t forget to sign up for my free tips, audios and articles.

These beautiful enhancements are used in our contemporary lifestyles to elevate what the Chinese call “Five Fold Happiness”--Luck, Prosperity, Longevity, Happiness and Wealth.

All of the high-quality and hand-selected Feng Shui cures and ritual items have been blessed and placed on an altar until purchased.

These are the very cures I personally use in my own life at home, in the car, and running my successful Feng Shui business as an International Feng Shui Guild “Red Ribbon” Expert Consultant. Previously available only to my private clients and students, they are now available for everyone’s Good Fortune!

My Feng Shui Boutique will save you time and money because I’ve done all the shopping for you! I’ve sourced my cures from all over the world everywhere from China and Taiwan to Tibet, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines to find the most beautiful offerings at fair prices.

Every purchase arrives at your door-step with…

  • A mindful and loving BLESSING of temple-grade incense and a beautiful ceremony, kept on an altar until purchase

  • BEAUTIFUL packaging

“Thank you so very much for that extremely powerful package from your boutique! I could feel how much it was charged. I couldn't believe how powerful it is.” Sandra Batista| North Carolina

“And you’ll really feel gifted when you see the gorgeous packaging!!!” Barbara McIntyre|
  • Done-for-you supplies so you can IMMEDIATELY place your cures (no need to run out to find things like screws, cup hooks or red ribbon—I did the errands so you don’t have to!)

  • Your very own guides to “PLACING, EMPOWERING + CARING” for your Cures—it’s as if I’m there at your side, taking you by the hand and showing you EXACTLY what to do!

  • Free surprise GIFT to bring you happiness

  • HOME + BUSINESS BAGUAS (Feng Shui energy maps) as well as instructions on how to lay them over your space to help place your cures

  • Your peace of mind knowing I sell only the highest quality LEADED SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS (NOT the plastic and glass ones so often sold on web sites which have absolutely NO transformative energy at all)

  • A FREE SUBSCRIPTION for my twice-monthly much-loved ezine filled with, audios and special offers

“Another great drop-my-jaw newsletter, thank you!” Shay Arave,

Here are just a few examples of how some of the 10,000 Blessings Feng Shui cures have helped others with elevating “Five Fold Happiness”…

“I called Gwynne when my husband was having difficulty sleeping. She recommended hanging a Swarovski crystal sphere in a specific place with a special empowerment as a cure. I’m not exaggerating or kidding when I tell you that my husband slept like a baby that night. It really was incredible. He wasn't necessarily into the whole thing before, but once he experienced it for himself he was hooked!” Leslie Shoemaker

“Wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year! Your 3 Coins on Red Ribbon have brought me much luck in my money flow! And thank you so much for your newsletters and blog. Much love.” Kia Lee

"Gwynne, this evening was just what my heart and soul needed! The red sky lantern left me speechless. Thank you!!! You've inspired me to re-embrace the rituals that allow me to connect not only with my own humanity but with others as well.” Jennifer Strait,

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